Cool cushions in summer for office or car

Cool cushions in summer for office or car
Cool cushions are great for hot summer days and offer a variety of benefits to help people stay comfortable in hot environments. According to the search results, here are some of the main benefits and recommended types of cool cushions:
Keep cool and comfortable: the cushion can form the isolation between the body and the seat, reduce direct contact heat sources, and reduce hot feelings.
Hygroscopic and breathable: summer cushions are usually made of breathable materials, such as PVC and bamboo fiber, which help to absorb moisture and perspiration and keep the body dry.
FUNCTION:Water filling ice pillow,Lower the temperture,This seat cushion cooling effect lasts 4-6 hours.
PRECAUTIONS:Filling water 60%,Storage temperature must not be lower than -0.4 ℉,Note: there is no cooling effect after changing the water.
FEATURE:This seat cushion is made of high quality PVC composite cloth( Washable), can load max.220kg .
USED:You can take it with you anywhere at your home, such as kitchen, dining room , bedroom or in your car ,office , even the meeting room . Suitable for Baby,Children,Student,Adult.